Formed in Claremont, CA in 2004, Sweet Birds sprouted from a deep curiosity and admiration for the people and folk art of southern Mexico and Guatemala. Sweet Birds specializes in fine art quality folk art, with an emphasis on traditional techniques and creative innovation. As our business has grown, the diversity of our product lines has expanded. Although we are not limited to any one medium, our focus is to buy only the highest quality items available and to pay every artist a fair price for their work.

All Sweet Birds products are hand-made by individual artists in indigenous communities; nothing is mass-produced or made in a factory. We hand select each artist’s work based on the uniqueness of their designs and the skill exhibited in their craftsmanship. Our artisans are encouraged to make use of sustainable materials and practices. The materials and techniques utilized include: hand carved woods, sculpted ceramics, cotton and wool back-strap loom woven textiles, natural dyes, hand embroidery, natural lacquer, gourds, metal work, woven plastics, and hand sewn wool toys. Sweet Birds began exhibiting at the California Gift Show July 2005. The following summer we began to exhibit at the San Francisco International Gift Fair. Spring of 2009 Sweet Birds left California and relocated to Santa Fe, NM, opening a retail / wholesale showroom. We spend about half of every year traveling in Mexico and Guatemala, cultivating relationships with artisans, and developing new products

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Owner: Sara Garmon