Treasures Within

My name is Pamela Adger. I have been designing jewelry for 39 years. I began creating my Messengers when I moved to Santa Fe in 1987 and received this work in a dream. My work is about hunting and gathering, touching and listening, and remembering the inter-connectedness of all that is created. It is about honoring and respecting the gifts of Nature and many cultures, past and present, which lovingly created the objects that I use.

It is about integrating the teaching of the Four Sacred Worlds of mineral, plant, animal, and human with daily life. It is about my gratitude to be part of the great web of life and my intention to place beauty, grace, love and compassion back into the world that has provided me with such abundance. Finally, it is about the joy of sharing with others all the feelings that all of the above invoke in my heart. It has been a long, healing and growing journey for which I am eternally grateful.

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Owner: Pamela Adger