Beyond Taste

Earl Kessler opened Beyond Taste when he and his wife returned from Thailand to Santa Fe. He started collecting while in the Peace Corps living in Columbia, South America. It was great time of discovery and the availability of ornament, crafts and weavings were found throughout the Andes.

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Owner: Earl Kessler

Coming from a jewelry background he started collecting old beads found in the local markets and from there, in the 35 years living and working in Asia, Africa and South America, he selected bead, ornaments, textiles and ceremonial objects from the cultures with which he worked. He and Shari, his wife, wrote article she illustrated with her photos published in Ornament magazine and referenced in Lois Sher Dubin’s History of Beads book. Earl’s approach to Beyond Taste is that of custodian to research, care for and maintain the materials found before they disappeared. Each object has a story he happily shares with those interested.