Craft Caravan Inc.

Mid 1960′s Craft Caravan Inc. expanded. Breaking Ethiopian export barriers, Craft imported authentic handcrafts and tribal artifacts from twenty nations of East and West Africa. Although small it quickly attracted museums, business owners, tribal dealers and private collectors. By 1960, in larger quarters, Craft was a well respected retail/wholesale gallery and forerunner in the NYC district later named SOHO.

Ignacio and Caroline Villarreal were employees, then partners &, in 1994, sole owners of this exceptional endeavor. Again business grew. Inventory expanded to include Phillipine, Indian, Central and Southeast Asian Art, artifacts, textile, furniture and jewelry. International clientele enthusiastically supported this SOHO gallery until its closure in 2004. Many continue to enjoy its recent presence in other tribal venues.

Currently Craft Caravan participates at Traveler’s Market DeVargas Center. Simultaneously, Ignacio A. Villarreal exhibits at San Francisco Tribal Art; Whitehawk Ethno, Santa Fe; and the Great Southwestern Antiques, Albuquerque NM.

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Owners: Ignacio & Caroline Villarreal